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Our agency provides services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and varying disabilities.  These services include:

Autism Services

Intensive ABA Therapy

Verbal Behavior Therapy

Behavior Reduction

ADHD Services

Toilet Training




Progressive Behavior Management utilizes Verbal Behavior Therapy to assist with developing language.  Verbal Behavior Therapy (VBT/VB) has derived from the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and BF Skinner.  Verbal Behavior Therapy teaches the child more than just words or how to label items.  It teaches them how to use language in a functional way (request for preferred items, asks questions, conversational language, etc.). 

Verbal Behavior Therapy breaks down a skill into smaller components and teaches one component at a time until mastered.  With these trials, prompts are provided to elicit the response.  Reinforcement is immediately provided for the response.  As mastery increases, the prompts are faded while the child continues to gain reinforcement. By fading the prompts, this decreases prompt dependency and helps the child learn independent responding.  Verbal Behavior Therapy will also use errorless learning by providing a prompt to the child before an incorrect response can be made.  This helps to minimize the child's frustration and prevents the learning of incorrect responses. 

Verbal Behavior Therapy programs include the use of quick responding which builds fluency and retention, fast paced instruction which helps the child to stay "on task" and provides additional reinforcement.  Programmed generalization which helps carry over the skill to different settings and varies the prompts/tasks which includes mastered and non-mastered skills to help the child stay interested. 

Verbal Behavior Therapy targets many skill areas to include requesting, labeling, echoic, receptive language, intraverbals (answering questions), independent or self help skills, academics, play, and motor skills.  Upon beginning Verbal Behavior Therapy, a skill assessment (ABLLS-R and/or VBMAPP) is conducted as part of the assessment process.  This provides us with  a clear baseline of the child's abilities; thus, allowing us to develop programs to increase the child's performance in these skill areas.