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Progressive Behavior Management develops specific behavior intervention plans to address problematic behaviors.  This process begins by conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment.  As behavior analysts, our first goal is to determine the "why" of the behavior.  Why is the behavior occurring?  This is done through the assessment process.  This assessment process includes several tiers:  record review for the child (i.e.: IEPs, narratives from supports, Goals and evaluations from other supports, etc.), interviews with all supports, checklists, and descriptive measures (data collections and direct observations). 

After we have conducted the Functional Behavior Assessment and we have determined the "why", we are better equipped to develop the "what" (to do) about the behaviors.  The "what" would be considered the individualized behavior plan to target the problem behaviors and addresses any skill development (acquisitioning) for your child.  This process utilizes the assessment information and develops both preventative and replacement strategies to help reduce the problematic behaviors. 


Our agency provides services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and varying disabilities.  These services include:

Autism Services

Intensive ABA Therapy

Verbal Behavior Therapy

Behavior Reduction

ADHD Services

Toilet Training