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Our agency provides services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and varying disabilities.  These services include:

Autism Services

Intensive ABA Therapy

Verbal Behavior Therapy

Behavior Reduction

ADHD Services

Toilet Training




Because there is a wide range of Autism Spectrum Disorder, treatment planning can be very different depending on the child.  A child that is diagnosed with Autism may have several language and social deficits, may be considered hyper active or may exhibit a lack of focus, may have some self-stimulation behaviors, along with deficits with academics and self-help skills.  However, a child diagnosed with PDD-NOS may have some language deficits, minimum social deficits, and have some self-stimulation behaviors.  A child that is diagnosed with Asperger's may have expressive language; however, have deficits in other areas (such as Receptive language, social skills, self-help skills, and impairment in the understanding of different inferences of language). 

Because each child on the spectrum is very different in their level of abilities; Progressive Behavior Management's goal is to assess each child and determine an individualized treatment plan based on the child's need.  A treatment plan for a child diagnosed with Autism or PDD-NOS, typically includes Verbal Behavior Therapy; however, depending on the behaviors, may include a behavior reduction plan as well.  A child that is diagnosed with Asperger's, typically will begin with a Behavior Reduction Plan to address problematic behaviors then move to a treatment plan to address skill deficits.

Our program addresses each child's needs on an individual basis.