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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is a discipline devoted to

investigating variables that influence behavior.  Applied Behavior Analysis' focus is improving behavior in the applied or "real" environment or environments in which the behaviors occur.  This is done through the analysis of environmental variables that are influencing the behavior, which also includes the deficits within these environments.  Applied Behavior Analysis is research driven and centers on objectively defined, observable behaviors that are socially relevant.  The methodology of Applied Behavior Analysis will demonstrate a functional relationship between the procedures used and the improvement of the behavior; thus, ultimately the child's quality of life. 

The goal of Applied Behavior Analysis is to assess a child's individual needs and develop a structured plan that will assist with meeting these needs.  The lack of skills can often lead to the problematic behaviors.  Applied Behavior Analysis is used to structure a plan to help minimize the problematic behaviors while building the skills that the child may need within his or her repertoire.  This treatment planning may be comprised of several services that we offer and will be tailored to the child's needs.  Applied Behavior Analysis is not "Behavioral Modification" because of these points.